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Formally known as RoniecisiaLe Prim Don - “The Prima Donna”. I chose to make my own version that was about me & my personality. I am southern belle with trill bridges. Sometimes I’m prissy and other times I am very dominant with some masculine traits, not all are vain we just know what we want and will not stand for anything.

A young southern  woman with a lot of passion for Art & Entertainment. Study Fashion Design, Majoring in Media Communications and hobbies consist of drawing, styling, taking pictures, and making music (occasionally). For  professional and legit service, on when it comes to modeling, being featured, hosting, singing, dancing, photography, and interning.

Please contact through email: roniecisia@gmail.com

8th, September 15 2015 - 8:01 PM
my living, my being. comes from this nostalgic reminiscent place that molds me. In moments of true happiness bliss. my mind and heart captures the great essence of a feeling. breathing and living at that very moment in time constantly replays in the back of mind. & every time, I grow.

God is Love, Jesus is Lord.