Sushi In San Marco

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Life always happening. And I want everything to be perfect. I am truly a die hard perfectionist. But I must say this perfect, really don't exist. I must go with the flow, and let things to happen. From wanting to blog more content on here, to decide if I want to relocate this blog. Filming more videos with the bomb equipment I was blessed with to having some to assist my eye and taste in things is hard. Things kept clashing. From business wise to personal. But I'm just going to say F-it and do what I feel no matter my surroundings.

Fuji Sushi in Jacksonville, FL is amazing. The best sushi hands, all you can eat for a nice prize. I had my first sake here. Delicious! The romper I am wearing is very light weight and super comfy. Have to be mindful of underwear to wear underneath because the fabric shows. I wanted an easy minimalist dainty look with my bag and red kitten heals. I also became fascinated anklets all over again.

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