DIY | White Jewel & Flower Bustier

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

You know I really believe in the the saying that in some way ...some how there is always a way back to your true love. & that for me is Fashion Design. Well one of them, lol. But lately I've really been trying to see when I'll get back into sewing and my mom works at Dillard's as a specialist so she signed me up for this bustier competition and after I can keep the bustier to wear. So in my mind from the start I know I wanted a look I can portray a bustier I can wear with washed light denim jeans. 

I wanted a 3-Demnsional feel that hung from the bustier. So I headed to Joann's fabric store did some comparison and fitting.  The diamond jewels and flowers are 1 yard. I hand sewn each piece on. Which took me a minute. The bustier material itself is akin. SO I had to be careful not to tear the fabric. 

If anyone have any suggestions on what I should do next please me know, thanks.