Roke Home | New Crib

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

So in April I had move elsewhere with a washer & dryer, a balcony, and a second bathroom and closet! (Praise God) My last one was upstairs and a downstairs little town home without what I just mentioned but it was cool and cute. This apartment is sleek and chic and gives off a lofty vibe. I shopped everywhere from Ikea to Target to Ross to Marshalls to Dollar Tree even lol. Frames and candles baby please do not sleep on the Tree. That store and others work miracles. In my last apartment I was asked by Target to be featured on their site for @targetstyle. That was magical, hopefully I can get this one on there. Still upcoming I'm still looking for the perfect bar stools to go with my place. But anyways Enjoy!

I did not realize that I shot so much for my apartment, lol. So there will be a part 2 coming. I already edited the photos. I do not want this to be a super long out. The average attention span of humanity is not that long. So to be continued... Thanks.