Tuesday, December 25, 2018

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The best time to shop is when the season is opposite. 

For example, like I’m shopping online right now after christmas because the new season is approaching. and what that means is that the old stuff “which is not” a trend and has passed must and gotta go for new merchandise to be display or the main thing! 

I buy my leather and warm goods during summer! and during winter, I buy my spring and summer needs because it’s a certain amount off. it’s not a trend and a need!

I will be showing what I bought during out the seasons with the prices, to show you lovelies how to be chic & frugal with your money. Definitely will be having the time doing so!

DIY | White Jewel & Flower Bustier

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

You know I really believe in the the saying that in some way ...some how there is always a way back to your true love. & that for me is Fashion Design. Well one of them, lol. But lately I've really been trying to see when I'll get back into sewing and my mom works at Dillard's as a specialist so she signed me up for this bustier competition and after I can keep the bustier to wear. So in my mind from the start I know I wanted a look I can portray a bustier I can wear with washed light denim jeans. 

I wanted a 3-Demnsional feel that hung from the bustier. So I headed to Joann's fabric store did some comparison and fitting.  The diamond jewels and flowers are 1 yard. I hand sewn each piece on. Which took me a minute. The bustier material itself is akin. SO I had to be careful not to tear the fabric. 

If anyone have any suggestions on what I should do next please me know, thanks.

Celebrating My Tiny 2

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Forever21 shirt | Cotton On skirt | New Look bag (I redesigned) | Target platform sandals | HM earrings

Yesterday was my niece, baby Rose birthday. She turned that trouble tiny 2 lol. I really didn't plan nothing with this outfit of mine. I wanted to be comfortable. For baby Rose, my idea for her were gifts all month for her. Like every week consistency included her gifts and a bunch of joy and kisses. I call her my tiny 2, because my  babysis hated my guts (which really loves me ha) mocked her existence into being like me as you will see. She really loves princess poppy!

Also SYK : I will be selling this skirt and some other items in my Depop SHOP

Roke Home | New Crib

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

So in April I had move elsewhere with a washer & dryer, a balcony, and a second bathroom and closet! (Praise God) My last one was upstairs and a downstairs little town home without what I just mentioned but it was cool and cute. This apartment is sleek and chic and gives off a lofty vibe. I shopped everywhere from Ikea to Target to Ross to Marshalls to Dollar Tree even lol. Frames and candles baby please do not sleep on the Tree. That store and others work miracles. In my last apartment I was asked by Target to be featured on their site for @targetstyle. That was magical, hopefully I can get this one on there. Still upcoming I'm still looking for the perfect bar stools to go with my place. But anyways Enjoy!

I did not realize that I shot so much for my apartment, lol. So there will be a part 2 coming. I already edited the photos. I do not want this to be a super long out. The average attention span of humanity is not that long. So to be continued... Thanks.

20180822 // Metamorphosis

Definition: change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means; also a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances.

I swear I don't know how many reboots and start all overs I had to do with my website/blog but who cares. I do care when I realize that blogging, vlogging, shooting pictures, creating inspiration, and designing anything is something I love and I do not want to throw away. I notice that every time that I became distracted from interacting with social media and the world, something has really shifted my focus and taken up my time. I don't like it but life happens. But not where I forget who I am. This site is part of who I am. No  matter what I see Gold and interacted with so many great people because of this platform I cannot let it go. & I will not! It is a hard time to keep of a site when other easy upload social networks have become popular. But no matter I will keep hope live and carry-on. I've become something unstoppable because to many let downs and to many die aways have let me understand that regret is not a option. So watch me formed into great, and stay that way.

Thanks to all my support!

Youtube Vid | Aaliyah x Mac collection

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I know it's been a looonggg time since I post anything, but I've been busy trying to get in the act of Vlogging, Instagramming (if that's a word) with the story app, and some what snap chatting. Now i get why they call it snap chatting cause basically that's all it is but anyways. I believe a while back there was this Aaliyah petition for Mac collaboration where I and others signed online to get this collection possible like Selena for Mac collab. And in July the magic happened. I did not take any pictures this time but I did make a Youtube video to review the products and explain the reasons and how's behind this collection.

Overall the excitement is all in the pudding. But Enjoy!
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New In | 01142018

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a special weakness and place in my heart for Zara. I use to work for the company back when I used to live in D.C. I never really came across a store that international, chic cheap & good ass quality! So every time the company has new shipment in they have these big clearance sales to move in new merchandise. So I scored this bag and some over the knee imitation leather boots with a chunky heel (not shown in pictures but youtube video - link below). I spend less than $100 dollars online and as always satisfy. The bag is all leather & the metal chain does not feel cheap...so great quality. The only thing I had to don't is break in my boots, ugh!

Links: Video LinkZara Bag Sale 
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Roke Holidays | Christmas 2017

Happy New Year everyone! My hiatus was not my own doing and it was beyond my control but over time had technology difficulties and big crazy out of place personal life happenings. But this year, I have to commit into putting time back into myself. -- on the other note I had my own first Christmas in my little townhome. it was nice. I wanted different colors from my first Christmas tree and home. So I stuck with colors I adore the most: black, cream, white, gold, and silver. I did not do too much this year since this was my first time decorating. Outside I had an theme as well,candy cane lane in my garden. I did not take a picture of that but I wish I would have.