Update | What's Been Going On Roke?

Monday, August 07, 2017

Me again, but I really never left though. My small birthday vacation took a completely 360 in my life. I had the best time in my life and I was getting back to a place where I was ok with life and what has transpired with a close relative of mine that I loved dearly and still miss everyday. It took two years for me to get over that death, but as soon as I was being ok. I received bad news one day before my birthday that a close cousin of mine passed away in a bad accident. Life started to choke me again and I was in a mood where I did not want things to change, again! I did not want to watch tv in a different way, I did not want to sleep in a different way, I did not want to eat at all...I wanted things to remain the same when my cousin was alive and breathing. But life does not work like that.

I realized life is not granted and that it bring changes every second, every minute, and every hour of the day. Every situation and occurrence in life builds are character even when we are feeling as though we are being broken down. You have to try, find, and make a way through adversity and life itself. My homegirl Tia who is a makeup artist came over to my flat did my makeup to uplift my spirits and make me feel pretty own the inside as I look on the outside. Message to everyone stay encouraged. Keep smiling and trying in this lifetime.
Makeup done by Tia Ledet.   @tialashel