Fall Season | Leather Biker Jackets

Sunday, September 04, 2016

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Fall is almost here and as you can see and tell by the Biker jackets that I selected that I am ready to start back wearing some cold leather. I want every texture, design, and zip a biker jacket can offer. A dominant and statement piece everyone can benefit from. Some of these jackets are unavailable but will always be my favorite. I tend to find some familiar to these or even buy the jackets that are still available to purchase. Here is a Biker jacket that I am deciding to purchase as of right now:

There are a couple of other biker jackets that also have my interest but all images involves a model; I only show and display merchandise and clothing by itself unless it is something or someone I must have or need to talk about. If anyone have suggestions or comments on some or these biker jackets, let me know below. Thanks!