Blues for Baby Rose.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

All of sudden she is here. All of sudden we have a new family member who weighed 8 lbs
and 21 inches, arriving in this world with pure love. I never really knew what it meant to be happy about new born babies, I really never cared about the experience. But now I regret thinking like that, I regret not understanding gifts from above. I really never knew about true love. If some of you or none of you who is reading about these blue baby shoes, knows about my new bundle of joy arrival and true pure happiness arrival. Well here it is, I'm a auntie now. I mentioned some things on my Tumblr and my Twitter about her birthday and her being. Just have not post her on my social networks just yet. Trust and believe me when I say I have so many pictures and many more on the way, I just do not feel it's the right time to show her to the world.

-- While I was just testing and shopping Youtube Guru's finds on Ebay, I stumble upon these baby shoes, that were these trendy baby soft sole moccasin shoes that you might have seen on Instagram. The shoes were so cute and cheap with a chic approach. The store owner had so many other colors I just wanted to buy all but since the shoes are coming from Asia, I just thought I would try the trial and error approach and luckliy they were a good purchase. I went the dark blue color because my baby sis favorite color is blue and of course Tete had to buy her something different. Overall my sister loved them and want more. Check out the Ebay store and purchase some.