001 | Fall Make-Up Haul

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I swear the more and more I get into beauty and makeup products I am becoming a addict. I am addicted for achieving that healthy and glowing look to the dramatic you see me, not really in your face technique. I am also researching online and in store products/brands before I purchase. But since I hardly get to the stores that I love, online has become a main factor in my beauty admiration. On my Youtube account you can catch me looking at hauls from eBay, AliExpress, and some other unique stores that the youtuber's mention. The hauls will include reviews of products up and close and sometimes the youtuber's would rate the product and show it's productivity. So stumbling on some likes I purchased a few things and on the other hand I went to some stores for the rest.

Flutter "SlayLa" lashes.
These pretty synthetic lashes have definition to give off the mink look.
Black Radiance Artisan Color "Raspberry" | "Toasted Almond" Baked Blush.
I wanted a bold and colorful cheek for fall and these are beautiful.
Brushegg cleaning glove. | Blush/Bronzer #2 brush.(shown in 1 & 2 picture above)
I really disliked cleaning my makeup brushes because I used my hand all the time & needed a change. As far as the brush, I seen it all over and wanted to try the hype it's ok. I wished I had purchase the #1 brush, it's bigger.
The Balm "Nude Dude" Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette.
This fall I am aiming for the matte eye that's nude & bold. This is perfect, nice little buy.
NYX "Liquid Suede" Cream Lipstick.
What's Fall without a dark lip? None. Colors: Brooklyn Thorn, Downtown Beauty; Cherry Skies; Club Hopper; Oh, Put It On.
ELF "Dark" Blush Palette.
Every girl wants to have a glow. My included red & coral hues.
I know this was a long post, but thanks was reading!