New In | 08092016

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I know everyone knows about the Kanye West Yeezy Season 2 Lucite Heel that was/is sold out online and everywhere the heels were being distribute. I fell in lust with these heels, I wanted and needed in my closet but before considering I had no choice for purchase. So I ran across some heels on Public Desire that reminded me of the shoe. And I had to buy them. I know some people are picky with clear strappy heels, because they are scared that the strap might pop or whatever. But the fit seems sturdy, just have to be careful in heels period. I love the chunky clear heel. I love the fact I can wear the heels with every day apparel, events, etc etc etc. A feel good purchase I have not regret in a long time. Honestly, lately I only purchased things I do not doubt buying or wearing. It is a certain liberation I come in terms with myself. It feels good. If you feel like this can be a feel good purchase, go ahead and buy. A great investment. I became a #PDBAE :)