Lace In Velvet

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Before my way to church, I had been up all night and morning thinking about goals and achievements on my bucket list. Trying to mapped out your life can be inspiration and a headache at the same time. But I digress and realized that in life unexpected things will happen but the hard work and hunger is worth the anxiety that comes with the territory, hopefully you get me on that. I also started a journal for my upcoming plans for this blog and even took up some classes online to help me better my skills within my talents.

But with this outfit, I wanted classy, pretty and chic. I don't know if I said anything about my transition phase from Summer to Fall apparel. I believe I said something on my Chictopia about it. I am aiming for neutrals and dark bold colors in this phase. I even changed up my makeup game to match my transition. Adding eyelashes to my makeup game as well. I have fallen hard over hills for #VegasNaylashes by EYLURE. I collected a few lashes from this brand. They are amaze balls.  Created by an Instagram guru & some what cheap. They do not look fake, and they are easy to apply. The ones that I am wearing in this post are called, "Grand Glamor". My favorite are "Shining Star", but these new lashes are starting to give my favorite a run for their money. I will be collecting more. You can purchased these at your local Target, Kmart, Walmart, and Ulta Beauty or online that sells the brand.