Denim Kind Of Night

Thursday, August 25, 2016


First of all let me start by apologizing for my fuzzy and some blurry pictures. I grabbed the wrong lens for my camera last night. I really was going to use my tripod to take my pictures by myself but my lens don't have a zoom feature on it and I did a last minute kind of thing. The lens that fI worked with last night only focuses on details, and my baby sister who is not really young and pregnant took my pictures. So a person who does not know how to shoot pictures with different lens like these, may have a hard time with shooting pictures and at night at that. I really wish I had an photographer who was interested in what I feel and do so I can show what I want. But in due time, I'll get it back together. So with this outfit, I wanted the denim effect. I wanted bold accessories, like my chain fur purse and my clear heels. Catch details at the bottom. My shirt is a remembrance of my late daddy, so it was great remembering him. I also changed and played with my hair. I received a lot of sweet feedback on my hair.