#aaliyahforever the movement.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ode to Aaliyah: Every time I see or hear something that happened in 2001, I always think about you. Every time I hear a song play that reminds me of the day, I think about you. Every creation or feeling that happened in 2001, I think of you. I know it’s bittersweet to say that, but it’s true I think of you. I do not just think of you in 2001, I think about you in every movie, situation that happens in the media, every fashion show, beauty and makeup idea and every music and theatre appearance. I’ll always think of you, Aaliyah. Forever my muse.
Remebering Aaliyah, is not always a easy thing for me. Everyone says wow, you act or cry as though you knew her personally. Even though she was my favorite celebrity, my muse and I did not know her personally; personally it's like she knew me. From her music to her style, her expression I related to. That's why I will always love her, that's why these 15 years feel like yesterday. Throughout the year, ever week, daily I think about baby girl. Just thank God for sharing her with us, just gone too soon from here. #rememberinganangel

Dedication song for babygirl: