Welcome Back Fall & Ro!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Today was a gloomy and moody day for me so my sister and I decided to go to Fuji Sushi in the San Marco area. Which my day a little better until I received some sad news on my twitter account about a fellow colleague I went to school with; had me thinking about life and made me go in consideration of coming back to my blog much more sooner than I planned. So let's get it back poppin'.

Lately I have only been on my twitter, tumblr, and vsco account more than ever. ...& I thought to myself damn Ro you have a lot of social networks so I decided to cut off my instagram for now. Planning on new events and purchasing some major things before the year is over with. -- When I started my fashion blog or had an idea of showing my world, my style, interests I was 17 yrs old. Young, really didn't have nothing to start off with I just started an hobby but being that I am 24 now and finally realized what A want and need in this lifetime. I am ready to be about my world. I have to grow up and allow my passions and desires to become professions. Not having full support like I wish I could have right now or had before has slowed me down but that makes me want to push myself a harder for this, for my happiness. Always push yourself, life is what you make it.