Semi - Hiatus | Summer

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I hardly care for summer posts, unless they are at night or that interesting to me. Never been in the spirit of posting pictures and stories about the beach or park. Unless it was a festive day. In the fashion world you only see Fall or Spring. Never really a Summer. So I never ever will be choked up on posting during the summer. It is really like a vacation for me. Honestly, this year was more then I'd ever post, because I needed to express more since I hardly post during Spring.
-- Lately I've been finding ways to rely on God, then myself. Always planning. I am trying get stable back in my hometown. Since I'm taking a break from school, I might take some classes at my local colleges but that is another time. But I'm not really expecting to though. The plan is to save, and to get back into the nature of Plan A to Z. When I first started to blog I was 19 years old and very naive with everything open. I hardly knew what the world had to offer. But after traveling and experiencing life. Things are different now. My hunger I thought was being fed is opposite and I'm not naive anymore. I'm still learning, there will always be room for improvement. but this ball is another ballpark. Time to focus on authenticity and what I'll leave behind to show that I was here.
-- My tools that I have around me, are starting to become useful to me again. Got to a point where I was becoming comfortable. Like Rei Kawakubo once stated "What matters is what you create... comfort, a home, hold back the energy that drives innovation. You need to be hungry, to lack comfort." My ability to stay uncomfortable is the goal!