Rough, But Pretty!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

You know, I realize that since I have a room that show my personality and personals. I decided to use is it as a studio. I mean I have an tripod, lightening, and other cool attributes so why not?! Going out and dressing up is very opposite with me. For example, when I'm casual most of the time is kind of dress up with a sweet side. When I go out, club or bar or whatever brings in the late hours. I dress as casual with strong pieces. The white cutout shirt (I made) was inspired from Model Off Duty look. Feel like I'm going to add some more shirts like this to my closet. Paring it the with the hat, adds to the rough but pretty look. I also made my white daisy duke shorts.
H&M white tee - clutch. | Forever21 white bustier. | Zara ankle strap pumps. | Nadri jewelry | Custom hat.