Black Lace Affair

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

If most do not know, Summer is when I really take my Hiatus on outfit posts. Scenery photography and revamping my inspiration becomes my focus. That is when I design my collections for Fall and Spring. Always in the spirit with bring old school back to the new. Planning on new features of my blog and myself of course(knock on wood). But honestly personal has been my top priority. I mean it is cool get business done, but when my motivation and energy is low you can see how that becomes number one. Realizing that I tend to try to play catch up has given me a better perspective on such things.

SO now I'm back on a diet, aiming to lose my figure but lose weight in certain areas. Trust and believe is not for anyone else approval. It's for self, knowing who I am, knowing the best me that I can be. I just lost me for a second, but how can you find yourself ...if you never been lost? Time and situations reassure me why I am on this God given planet anyways.
Forever21 jumpsuit - lace bustier. | Anne Michele sandal heels. | Cremieux beret hat. | Nadri jewelry