Favorite: Azzedine Alaïa

Monday, July 28, 2014

source: Pic 2 | Pic 4 - Pic 1 & 3 (scanned pictures)
As I continue to get deeper in this fashion world of design, style, and movement. I start to fall in love with older and distinctive designers a head of my time. Lately I have been reading books and researching movements. They have always been around me, I just never look deep into their background. But now that I've done so, definitely will continue to. I see myself, I am starting to learn about myself through clothes and words. With Azzedine Alaïa, he has really left a mark on me. I see Alexander Wang and some other favorites in his clothing. "The King of Cling" is definitely my ultimate favorite. Reading his interviews and learning about his views on Fashion is everything I based my fashion and designs on. "Fashion is dead. Designers nowadays do not create anything, they only make clothes so people and the press would talk about them."

Semi - Hiatus | Summer

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I hardly care for summer posts, unless they are at night or that interesting to me. Never been in the spirit of posting pictures and stories about the beach or park. Unless it was a festive day. In the fashion world you only see Fall or Spring. Never really a Summer. So I never ever will be choked up on posting during the summer. It is really like a vacation for me. Honestly, this year was more then I'd ever post, because I needed to express more since I hardly post during Spring.
-- Lately I've been finding ways to rely on God, then myself. Always planning. I am trying get stable back in my hometown. Since I'm taking a break from school, I might take some classes at my local colleges but that is another time. But I'm not really expecting to though. The plan is to save, and to get back into the nature of Plan A to Z. When I first started to blog I was 19 years old and very naive with everything open. I hardly knew what the world had to offer. But after traveling and experiencing life. Things are different now. My hunger I thought was being fed is opposite and I'm not naive anymore. I'm still learning, there will always be room for improvement. but this ball is another ballpark. Time to focus on authenticity and what I'll leave behind to show that I was here.
-- My tools that I have around me, are starting to become useful to me again. Got to a point where I was becoming comfortable. Like Rei Kawakubo once stated "What matters is what you create... comfort, a home, hold back the energy that drives innovation. You need to be hungry, to lack comfort." My ability to stay uncomfortable is the goal!

In The Kitchen | Homemade "Shrimp Fried Rice"

Saturday, July 19, 2014

So as you can see this is another food post. Yes I am back in the kitchen cooking my favorite this time, shrimp fried rice. I watched a couple of you tuber's prepared this dish, so I wanted to do it as well but without the camera. Prepared all about my self, I ask my younger sister to help peeled shrimp to make her feel apart of this. I told her that I would give her some credit. No sponsors, all food bought by me. I do like showing my crafts. My love would be proud, he is very passionate about Culinary, one of his many talents. Alright let's begin.
What I Used:
- Parboiled Rice
- White Onion
- Green Onion
- Raw Shrimp (51-60 pd)
- 3 eggs
- Soy Sauce
- Salt
- Pepper
- Cooking Oil (2 teaspoons)
#1. | First of all I had prepared myself by having everything in my reach so that I would not burn anything or set the house on the fire. Since it was late at night and I just thought about cooking it. 
#2. | So out of all the ingredients that you are going to use, the rice is the most important one. It is like the foundation. So normally most who cook fried rice suggest that you cook the rice a day before preparing. But see I didn't do so. What I did was boil the rice on high, after letting it sit for 3 minutes. I placed the whole pot in the freezer. So the rice would become hard.
#3. | Next I started to cut off the green onion with my kitchen shears. With my large knife I sliced the white onion and then minced into tiny pieces. While my younger sister peeled the raw shrimp for me.
#4. | Next I placed some cooking oil into the wok, after I put my 3 eggs in without stirring on semi high. I used my spatula to allow the eggs to cook on their on by forming into a omelet. Then I started to semi scramble, allowing the the eggs to become semi hard and soft. I placed the eggs back into their cooking bowl to sit until I was ready to mix.
#5. | After cooking the eggs. I rinsed the wok out with water and wipe down with a napkin and placed back on the stove. Normally I would season my shrimp but I really didn't think nothing of it. So placing some cooking oil in the wok, I threw in the shrimp and let them cook until they were tender. After I placed the shrimp back in the cooking bowl. I took out my rice that was placed in the freezer, pour the rice into the wok. I added the Soy sauce and continue to stir. Next I added my vegetables, my eggs, and shrimp. After I added all my extras, I continue to fry/stir with adding my pepper and salt. Letting it sit for a minute or so I added more soy sauce and the last of the cooking oil into the wok and fried it for 5 more minutes.
And finally, your done. Time to get in! Enjoy.

Rough, But Pretty!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

You know, I realize that since I have a room that show my personality and personals. I decided to use is it as a studio. I mean I have an tripod, lightening, and other cool attributes so why not?! Going out and dressing up is very opposite with me. For example, when I'm casual most of the time is kind of dress up with a sweet side. When I go out, club or bar or whatever brings in the late hours. I dress as casual with strong pieces. The white cutout shirt (I made) was inspired from Model Off Duty look. Feel like I'm going to add some more shirts like this to my closet. Paring it the with the hat, adds to the rough but pretty look. I also made my white daisy duke shorts.
H&M white tee - clutch. | Forever21 white bustier. | Zara ankle strap pumps. | Nadri jewelry | Custom hat.

Black Lace Affair

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

If most do not know, Summer is when I really take my Hiatus on outfit posts. Scenery photography and revamping my inspiration becomes my focus. That is when I design my collections for Fall and Spring. Always in the spirit with bring old school back to the new. Planning on new features of my blog and myself of course(knock on wood). But honestly personal has been my top priority. I mean it is cool get business done, but when my motivation and energy is low you can see how that becomes number one. Realizing that I tend to try to play catch up has given me a better perspective on such things.

SO now I'm back on a diet, aiming to lose my figure but lose weight in certain areas. Trust and believe is not for anyone else approval. It's for self, knowing who I am, knowing the best me that I can be. I just lost me for a second, but how can you find yourself ...if you never been lost? Time and situations reassure me why I am on this God given planet anyways.
Forever21 jumpsuit - lace bustier. | Anne Michele sandal heels. | Cremieux beret hat. | Nadri jewelry