Style Muse | Amber Rose

Sunday, June 22, 2014

(sources: JaknJil | Tumblr | Entertainment Rundown | Zimbio | Dr Jays)
I remember the first time I saw Amber Rose. She was being feature in a Ludacris video as a Video Vixen and I say to myself who is this bad A female rocking a bald head? And next thing you know she is Kanye West's girlfriend. She was literally the Hip Hop Bianca Jagger and still is...if you know the story to Bianca's divorce with Mick it is the same with Mr. West. Amber just never marry Kanye, she married Wiz Khalifa and recently had a son by him. But I loved how she represent Kanye to the fullest. She was that chick! I loved how she stuck with the minimal meets urban street style look. Always will be a favorite of mine.