Gainesville Blues

Monday, June 02, 2014

Lately I have been trying to focus on being happy and successful. The irony of it all seems like I have to start all over again. Being that I am still under 25, above 21 makes me feels as though I should be accomplished. Being around others that are successful and happy makes it a bittersweet situation. I am inspired by their livelihoods but then I go back to mine. Not trying to sound all negative but I'm in the middle of being or being let down. Not blaming no one at all, but is really up to me.

So this past weekend my family on my mom's Dad side met up in Gainesville for a sad occasion, but after all it end up being a overwhelming well needed occasion. We all ate out a Asian buffet and it was so hilarious being that they are southern country they hardly try authentic diverse food. So to see them try and eat Asian cuisines was too funny. I was so amazed I hardly ate, I finished my plate watched and helped them discover food. 
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