My Easter Dress - Birthday Weekend

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So let me start by saying I am pissed off from the fact that I did not take any good pictures for my birthday. It's bittersweet because nobody really took pictures of me. I guess they were in they own mood and vibes so I let them be. -- Let me say it was a fun weekend. Went out so much, that on the last day of celebration I just stayed home and ate my favorite food Chinese. Would of love eating some more sushi and seafood but I'm grateful. Hung out a few, which is ok for me. I just know I am already planning for my next one already since it's going to be a big number for me. Can't believe I'm old. But I digress and move forward. -- When it came to Easter, I still forgot to pose with pictures because I was in a rush with all that was going on. I wore a dress from my Shop (that is still in motion) I received so many compliments on the dress, I just might keep in my closet. But who knows. :)
 Dress | vintage