2 Greats 2 Me - Happy Birthday!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Is It A Crime" - Sade
It is funny how my favorite has the same birthday as Sade Adu(one of my top five singers if you do not know), Aaliyah once stated she felt as though Sade was her soul sister because of the same birthday. Sade is pure simplicity and jazz. I could see why Aaliyah felt as though they were really soul sisters. Is it A Crime is my favorite from Sade. Crazy how another human being can wrap your feelings into a melody. Whenever I'm happy or sad, Sade's harmony flows with my feelings at that particular time. Sade styles is still true to this day. From her long side pony tail to her red matte lips, she is still killing what most think Fashion is. A true innovator and inspiration. New school please get int the old school & learn.
"At Your Best(You Are Love)" - Aaliyah
Now everyone who knows me, knows that I love Liyah dearly, true die heart fan since I heard your music in the 90's. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number was my first album period. I learn how to sing to her melodies and dressed like her. I guess that's where the tom-boy comes from(thank-you boo). She is my reason to be true to myself and humble in tough times as an artist in art. Even Sade loved her music, as well as Janet Jackson another inspiration of mine and Aaliyah's. To Aaliyah's Family, thank-you for sharing once again. There will never ever be a day I will stop saying thank-you for Aaliyah. Thank-you for uplifting, believing in, & loving her like you do. Thank-You!