Red Light Night's & Confirmation

Friday, December 20, 2013

Things have been coming full circle for me for the the fourth time and I love it when anything has a four in becomes very good for me like a pot of gold that just keeps on raining gold. These last couple of days my family and I have been preparing for Christmas and the New Years. Cleaning out are old meaningless items and giving away clothes as usual(but even more when the holidays come around). So I am thankful to do so with my family because majority of this world may/not know what family means especially around this time and I am happy to say that a lot of healing and forgiving has become more of this month.

In other news, one of my favorite singers has released an album that I had jumped on before the world knew(laughs) and it has changed the game. If you do not know who I am talking about and have been under a rock or on a vacation for the last week, Beyonce released her self titled album and I swear she could not have picked a better time. From beginning to end, she tells a story like every classic should. She also provides a video with each and every song if that is not Genius...I do not know what is. She has changed like the game, period! I am happy she have given back pure raw music. Luh my Bee! - I might post some music and things from her album in another post.
CREMIEUX hat | Zara mini bowling bag | F21 denim | Dolce Vita boots.