Ball Park Gul

Saturday, October 05, 2013

On my way to my brother high school football game. I wanted to keep it neat, simple, theme related (even though I'm wearing a baseball top it is still a sport), & ladylike. It is weird how the cold is appearing in Florida though. A bittersweet moment, because when the cold comes to town so does the fair. wish I could stay. Very romantic and fun. If I could bring five things I love from my city to DC, it would definitely be a choice of mine. On the other hand, lately I have been traveling throughout my state to see other family members that I have not seen in a long time. I also have been cooking up a storm while I've been home. Since I love asian dishes, I decided to better myself with stir fry(check the last picture below). I wanted to enhance my skills before I go visit my love in DC for a little while, I want to cater to him with exotic and uncommon dishes. We both are daring, so I know he would not mind. We both love the same foods.

H&M top. Gap denim shorts. Zara purse. Mixx Shuz shoes. Michael Kors watch.