Be Your Own Light

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Struggle, I think is the biggest factor known to man. We all lose, we all win. Sometimes we conquer and sometimes will be beaten with defeat. But as human beings we must strive to continue on with our lives. You know as I write this, I, end up becoming emotional because this comes from the heart and this is something I am dealing with it. I have good days, sometimes I have weary nights. But when I look around and see what God has blessed me with I continue to move forth, because what's for me will be. I need to stop fighting myself and love myself. Accept life for what it is and keep on striving for the best. Because  I only have myself to fulfill my destiny. I might as well start now. But after all is said, Stay Encourage!

American Apparel tee. Zara bag / shoes. Nadri  jewelry. vintage skirt.