Details & Flow | 001

Friday, September 27, 2013

H&M necklace | Forver21 crop top / cardigan

vintage biker jacket | Forver21 2 piece short stripe set
I love detail pictures and music playlists. So I decided to have posts about my detail pictures and share the music that I love and listen to. I'll probably start posting these every once a month to get a feel of things and to see how I like. If I become good at, I will make it a bi-weekly habit and if that goes well I will make it a weekly post. But only the future will tell, so let's get started. Enjoy!

1. What a Boss Needs - The Weeknd & Tinashe (download)
2. Objects In The Mirror - Mac Miller
3. Get It Over With - Rihanna
4. Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 - Drake Ft. Jay Z
5. Slice - Sir Michael Rocks (download)
6. Be With You - Mary J. Blige
7. From Time - Drake Ft. Jhene Aiko
8. Pedal To The Medal - Wiz Khalifa (download)
9. Leaf - Elle Varner
10. Number 1 - Kelly Rowland
11. Body Party (Remix) - Ciara Ft. Ne-Yo
12. Tears Away - Faith Evans
13. I Couldn't Love You More - Sade
14. Wey U - Chante Moore
15. Don't Look Back (It Is Love Sample) - Telepopmusik [Babylon Cartel x Mike Blud] (download)

Closet Itch - Red Bags

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zara bag / Dailylook bag

For some crazy reason I have fallen in love with red all over again. & these bags have struct a "I need both in my closet right now nerve". So I'm trying to decide which one will I purchase first. Both bags can be worn for different occasions. Both bags have different fabric, give different attitude, and come in two different sizes. The Zara messenger is portable and the Dailylook bag allows me to carry more. So the big question is what I desire most?

Sporty Ro

Monday, September 23, 2013

While I spend my last days in Florida before heading back up north to the cold I decided to continue to wear my crops and shorts. I am still deciding on how I'll be layering my crops and shorts since I'm a rookie to the cold weather. Growing up in Florida has blindsided me a little bit in the layering area, but I have come a long way so I'll be just fine. I have inspiration and imagination so it will come along better. As you can see I had chopped my long braids,they were annoying me and overdue. I am ready for my bob hairstyle.

Forever21 top. American Apparel shorts. J Crew top. Zara shoes. vintage jewel/purse.

Lust Apparel | 003

Friday, September 20, 2013

"Downtown Jazz & Dinner"

Rag & Bone The Montauk shirt | Levi's 501 Faded shorts | Hermes Birkin 35cm bag | Chanel Rouge Allure Matte lipstick | Karen Walker Number One frames | Saint Laurent Classic Jane Ankle sandal | Rolex Perpetual watch.

The setting will be me and my sweetheart browsing at a street market and enjoying each other's company. After we'll hit up a dark candle light restaurant that features jazz musicians and poetry. Also Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Thanks!

Inspiration: Fall Is Here

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I love bold colors with pop. I love prints with structure pieces. I love minimal with label. I also love layers with simplicity. Nothing like seasons with beginnings and endings. I always say my best style comes out in Spring and Fall. I always feel rejuvenated and carefree. Nothing can still my joy or try to conquer it. Spunk and cool is what I aim for, because it is what I am. You have to enhance your features that make you, you. Trust yourself, you will never let you self down.

Be Your Own Light

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Struggle, I think is the biggest factor known to man. We all lose, we all win. Sometimes we conquer and sometimes will be beaten with defeat. But as human beings we must strive to continue on with our lives. You know as I write this, I, end up becoming emotional because this comes from the heart and this is something I am dealing with it. I have good days, sometimes I have weary nights. But when I look around and see what God has blessed me with I continue to move forth, because what's for me will be. I need to stop fighting myself and love myself. Accept life for what it is and keep on striving for the best. Because  I only have myself to fulfill my destiny. I might as well start now. But after all is said, Stay Encourage!

American Apparel tee. Zara bag / shoes. Nadri  jewelry. vintage skirt.

Humid Highschool Game

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yesterday was bittersweet day for me. But I’ll be ok at the end of the day. I decided to attend my little brother football game. It was very humid and very smoggy so I apologize for the pictures. I wish it was a DC Fall in Florida. It is so hotttt. I might be going back to DC so hey, it’ll be ok for me. I guess when you have lived in a cool place, living in a hot place is not what you look for anymore. Especially when you are into the Fashion Industry. I cannot take this weather. Ugh!
H&M t-shirt. Nike running shorts. Zara bag.  Michael Kors watch. Converse shoes.

New In | 050913

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Every since the Summer had started I had been on a mission to find that perfect black bag for Fall. Being that I am a student, I took in consideration for my school needs, as well as something that can be stylish and versatile.  Meet my Zara rigid mini bowling bag, sooo perfect. The detailing on this bag is very eye catching. I saw this bag on a blog that was featuring another Zara bag that I liked, but this one convinced me even more to buy. I love it so! The bag reminds me of the Louis Vuitton SC bag.

New Hair For Autumn

Sunday, September 01, 2013

So as you can see I have switched my hair over to braids. Just recently I thought about how I needed to transform my mood by changing my look. So I came up with long butt braids to welcome in the new season. Lately things have been a roller coaster for me. So adjustments make me feel a lot better and I become ore creative, weird, yea I know. But that is me. On the other note I have fallen for black and white stripes and silver jewelry. I need to buy me a silver watch to complete my collection. I’m excited for Autumn. More things occur in the Fashion world around this time.
SugarLips dress. Anne Michele  heels. Nadri Jewelry