for Trayvon Martin.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sitting here in rage, hurt, disbelief, and disgust…but hope seems to give me sanity. I remember the week before Trayvon was killed, me, my best friend, and her sister visit Sanford, Fl. We had attended a UCF vs MARSHALL basketball game that my best friend boyfriend (MARSHALL) attended. Not knowing anything about this little town. We assumed that it was Orlando since they were neighbors. I remember the looks and the unbearable feeling we were receiving. It was not pleasant at all. Out of all the times that we visited Orlando it was pleasing and fulfilling. This time is was not, at all! But when we realized that we were not in Orlando after purchasing a room, we were told that we should leave. At first, we were thinking about going somewhere else and getting another room. But we asked ourselves “why do we need to leave we have a right to stay where we pleased", we realized that the negative vibes that we were feeling were true. Of course we were not feeling safe since we had my friend’s sister son with us. So we decided that we need to leave as soon as morning struck for his safety if anything comes our way.

Let me just say, Trayvon’s death will not be in vain. His death is reassurance of injustice and unfairness of minorities in this country. Like I told my caucasian friends, no harm feelings or hate towards their race. I love all, I respect all. I just do not tolerate hate. Yes, racism still exist. It was not long ago when Martin Luther King, JR. grace this earth with his dream and others who took a stand for all human rights. We should not let this hurt and distraught reside in silence. It’s time to pick up where our civil right leaders started. Keep our heads held high with hate less hearts and motivated inspiring minds to keep our peace with one another and take a stand for what’s right and wrong.

Not matter what justice will prevail for Trayvon, for all. Mark my words!