Fa'Sho News: Isabel Marant for H&M

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

“I think my clothes speak for me than anything.” - Isabel Marant

There is nothing like waking up to news. Good fashion news that is! If you do not know by now, H&M has collaborated with Isabel Marant for a collection that will be released to some selected stores in the United States on November 14 of this year. Marant collection will be easy and simplistic, but catching to the eye. Word is that you can see herself in her clothing, which I believe in when it comes to making clothing. As a inspiring fashion design student, that is my theory to clothing. It’s no secret, “Be you and you will grow.” I love how Isabel came in and twisted the sneaker game for female and male as well. I love the feeling of having Paris on my body. Like Jordan lovers I will be waiting in that line to see what she has to offer, I might bring on some help to get what I want.