Memorial Day Affair

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You know with Memorial day, it’s all about celebration of war memories of those who spare their lives for our country, good barbecue/boiled seafood, and where I come from, fun beach adventures with family and friends. But I only experience one thing out of that sentence. Which was appreciating those who served in the war. So yesterday I celebrated Memorial day with my colleagues and had a good time. We were late for the food, so we had to settle for fast-food. Yuck! I would of taken some more pictures of the scenery, but the lighting and heat just did not go well together. I met some new faces and made some new connections. I enjoyed my day.

Summer Inspiration

Sunday, May 26, 2013

photocredit: Fashion Gone Rogue.Tumblr
To my reader’s, I apologize for the time away. A lot of things have occurred within the last month and this month. But I wanted to get back on track with showing my Summer outline of how my look will be.