Fresh & Cropped

Friday, April 26, 2013

Yesterday I had lunch at J Paul’s in Georgetown with a friend of mine. A very nice day for Spring in Washington. I chose to eat some fried Calamari, since I never had any up North before. It was delicious, after we chose to stick around for DC’s Nike marathon activities and festival. I took some pictures, but I might add those to my portfolio.

AA sleeveless turtleneck crop top . UO heroine harem pants . Lulu’s d’orsay kitten heels . LV bag . Michael Kors watch

Walking On Crystals

A beautiful birthday present that I receive in the mail from my Dad. I remember seeing these beauties on a lady who was featured on a street style tumblr, an I’ve been in awe ever since. So when the question for what I wanted for my twenty-third birthday came up. I told my family all I want is Rachel Roy “Dal” heels. My dad was hesitant because all I ever ask for were gift cards and money to shop. But now that I am at a age where I can buy my own things, I gave him something that could be memorable and pleasant. I felt as though he was trading my big girl shoes for heels. Allowing me to be my own person, a young woman on her way. Never thought I would be ready to put up my tiara for a crown. But I’m ready.

Everything new

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Le Prim Don - “The Prima Donna”: Italian for First Lady. In the urban dictionary, considered vain, temperamental and/or conceited. A Diva. I chose to make my own version that was about me & my personality. I am southern belle with trill bridges. Sometimes I’m prissy and other times I am very dominant with some masculine traits, not all are vain we just know what we want and will not stand for anything.

Hello my name is Roniecisia, A upcoming blogger who switched from another site. I decided to make my blogging experience official. I study fashion design and love to encounter with different nations, food, and entertainment. I hope you can hang with what I have to offer. *Updated. I wrote this while I was at Wordpress. Now I am back at Blogger, because of the creativity. Don’t get me wrong it is nothing wrong with Wordpress, it is just too pricey to not be freely expressive with a theme upgrade you pay yearly and I’m still puzzle about that.