Tom Has Fallen

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Leather sandals and midriff tops with honey suckle shaved ice cones. Me and buddies would run in and out of the sun; ducking from the rays that would give us a tan. (Inhales & exhales) It’s nothing like my summer memories with that old bumping type of music that R&B (Rhythm & Blues) has brought. Since Fall is getting closer and Summer is leaving; certain inspiration has given me ideas of how I want to transform my clothing. Keeping it cool and relaxed but with deep colors. Living in Florida, deep and darks colors are unwelcome. Around my way it’s a challenge known to man; that is why you see so many bright pastels colors on Floridans. This summer, I wanted to prove that I can still rock dark bold colors while it’s still hot and not sweat.