Saturday, July 28, 2012

This has been a long and crazy week. Finishing up my summer classes, preparing to move to another city & state, and growing as a person  has been tough. But my blessings are slowly unfolding before my eyes and they are bettering me as I accept everything. As you can see I changed up my hairstyle again. Gotta keep things fresh, but true. 

American Apparel Tank. Anthropologie Skirt. Forever21 Shoes. Coach Bag. Michael Kors Watch

This week I’ve been feature on two blogs. On Undiscovered Worth, I was mention in one of her videos. She is a very sweet young lady, please go check out her blog and follow. She is the reason, for my post title. So everyone will know how to pronounce my name. On Tus Trucos de Belleza I did my first feature and interview, which I am so thankful for. Thanks again Rebeca, I really appreciate it. So please go follow and check out that blog.

Original interview:

  • What means fashion to you?
To me fashion means art and not just clothing.Oddly, I think most individuals confused it with style.Style is expression, self.Fashion is creativity, giving others a chance to be inspired.
  • When did you decide to open your blog?
A long long time ago.I always wanted to share my love for fashion,style & entertainment.I just never had anyone to encourage me until I saw other bloggers opening up about their blogging experiences.Motivated me to the core.
  • For an afternoon in the city, what type of look do you recommend us?
I would recommend a sleek ensemble that is not revealing and not showing a lot of skin.Which I call the "Teaser".For example, an open chest and back pant romper, that shows curves and keeps everyone guessing.
  • What is your daily routine of beauty?
Wash my face with a face scrub, after I use some exfoliating facial wipes to get rid of the leftover dirt.Next I use a facial toner and light face moisturizer to keep my color and glow.Last comes the make-up.
  • What is your preferred brand?
It depends on what we are talking about, I shop different places for different things. 
  •  Who is your favourite designer?
Honestly I have 5 favourites, but Alexander Wang sticks out the most wit me.He is and always will be something I´ll be inspired by.He brought  TomBoy&Sexy back to life with his clothing.
  • What type of makeup do you prefer in a night event?
Something that will not be sticky or rub off easily.So what I used is a MAC Studio Fix powder.
  • Jeans or skirts?
Not to fond of jeans anymore, I only have like 4 pair and most are vintage.Yes to skirts, I have many of those.From the tutu and peek-a-boo leg skirt.I have all.
  • What is your opinion about the nice moment of the fashion bloggers?
I think it´s lovely.To support one another is amazing.Like my mother say, "what you dish out is what you receive".So I appreciate the respect and love.
  • What future projects would you like to participate?
Interacting with other bloggers at events and fashion shows, giving back to others, traveling the world, and working with a fashion company that can help me, help myself and shape my journey on becoming a great fashion designer.