Summer Beginning

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer 2012 has started off with classes, shoe obsession, and early mornings.  Tending to my summer classes has been hectic and tempting. Trying to earned more credits for my transcripts for Howard is really time consuming. But it’s all good at the end of the day. Since I’m moving far away and will be taking public transportation or walking to class. All I’ve been searching and thinking about it, is shoes. From high heels to flats, platforms to sneakers. Oh yea cannot forget about my boots. I will forever have an obsession for over the knee boots, but lately random rain boots have caught my eye like these two A, B, & C. Hopefully I see some around my way, before I pay for shipping and handling online. Sometimes in the early mornings, I get to relaxed and have my me time. I watch movies, old television shows, or browse my favorite blog sites on my MacBook. Trying to stay somewhat involved.

SYK(So You Know): Summer fashion has not really been my thing. I mean I take pictures and have inspiration I can post, but my urgency has not come over me to do so. So bare with me. I’m already looking into Autumn and Fall wear at the time being and as soon something strikes me, I will post. I mean that is when I feel fashion is at it’s best.