Mind Therapy: Decoded.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Late February, the beginning of this year. I started to read Decoded by Shawn Carter a.k.a Jay-Z. At first I was skeptical by reading his book and understanding his mindset. But just like any minority, you never know until you try. The title of his book is self explanatory. Shawn is telling stories about his lyrics, going beyond our imagination and telling us what they mean and how they happened. On certain lyrics I could paint a picture of what he was telling and on others I could not. & in his book he makes certain images and things come to life. He tell his stories on life, success, and pain. He gives his opinions about other entertainers who I’ve admired like Lauryn Hill, Jean Michel Basquiat, Michael Jackson, and the list goes on. Hoping he would tell a little bit about his precious Bee, he didn’t. He kept that to himself and I really understand why, first because he hardly talked about her and second their love is untouchable. & I respect that. In his epilogue, Shawn talks about an encounter with Oprah and how she saw him differently after they had a conversation on a certain author. Just like Oprah, my mindset about Shawn is different now. Yes he experienced things that I could never imagine, but he is totally different from his past. He loves what he does, his passion is true. You just had to read his story, and understand why. Like he said, “The words are witty and blunt, abstract and linear, sober and fucked up. And when we decode the torrent of words—by which I mean really listen to them with our minds and hearts open—we can understand their world better. And ours, too. It’s the same world.” Just like him when I enter this world I did not understand, but now when I see what is beyond me the sky is the limit. Never let your past stop you from achieving whatever it is that you put your mind to. Break down the barriers. Decode your life.