Mind Therapy: Influence.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We all tend to gain inspiration from the simplest forms of life and from the exotic individuals that come in and out of are lives. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen shares that with us in their book, Influence. Being possessed with minorities, we tend to fall in love with what they are giving us, but most of the time we tend to forget ourselves in the process of appreciating our inspiration. The ladies are advising us to never forget to stay true to self. Ashley quotes Diane Von Furstenberg "You have to be your best friend." I truly feel like this is the number one rule in life, after never forgetting that God is the beginning in my life and Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. You always have to have your back no matter what, making yourself happy in every sort of way.
In the book the ladies sit down and talk to the people like Karl Lagerfeld, Giambattista Valli, Lauren Hutton, and other wonderful people who have influenced and inspired the ladies throughout their lives. By asking questions and listening to what these individuals have to say. Mary-Kate quotes my favorite poet Ralph Waldo Emerson "It is not length of life, but the depth of life." she concludes: To encourage people to live life in the moment. Everyone should just take that to heart, even if they cannot be their own best friend...don't let life just slip away from you. Do what makes you happy, and live life to the fullest. A great read for everyone who has a passion in life.