Youtube Vid | Fashion Haul Episode 1

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I finally did my first fashion haul. Which is the first of many. I must say trying on different items and synching things together are a  week full of raw work.  When you watch Youtuber's on Youtube with fashion hauls and try ons it seems so effortless and inspiring. But when you step in a Vlogger shoes it's challenging. You can have everything you need but the timing might seems wrong, the lighting can perfect or vice versa sometimes just get discouraged all around but everyone has not started with support so now it's time for me to be my support, stay consistent and reach my goal and go beyond it as a lifestyle vlogger and blogger.

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Sporty In My Mini

Friday, June 21, 2019


I have never ever been the dress and sneaker type of chick, but I'm a convinced now that I have been missing out and that sucks. I just purchased these PUMA RS-X sneakers and I loooooovveeeeeee them so much. I never been the animal symbol fan of their shoes on sneakers accept the slides and clothing so when I saw how the design was on the sneaker and without I was very interested in purchasing them. I like when a clothing/sneaker brand do the opposite of what is expected. Very intrigued about it and I want more!

I headed out in this outfit on a date. Very cute for outings, unexpected chill or fun places, even though I am wearing a mini dress. Also I provided the link to this dress, I bought in store and not online this time and I did not the see white amiable except yellow, pink and blue. But it is a cute dress to have for the summer, goes well with heels as well. I will be featuring this dress including the shoes and jeweled sun frames in a Youtube video. Will be updating this post with the link.

Updated | Video: Fashion Haul 

Sushi In San Marco

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Life always happening. And I want everything to be perfect. I am truly a die hard perfectionist. But I must say this perfect, really don't exist. I must go with the flow, and let things to happen. From wanting to blog more content on here, to decide if I want to relocate this blog. Filming more videos with the bomb equipment I was blessed with to having some to assist my eye and taste in things is hard. Things kept clashing. From business wise to personal. But I'm just going to say F-it and do what I feel no matter my surroundings.

Fuji Sushi in Jacksonville, FL is amazing. The best sushi hands, all you can eat for a nice prize. I had my first sake here. Delicious! The romper I am wearing is very light weight and super comfy. Have to be mindful of underwear to wear underneath because the fabric shows. I wanted an easy minimalist dainty look with my bag and red kitten heals. I also became fascinated anklets all over again.


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

(image via:tumblr)
The best time to shop is when the season is opposite. 

For example, like I’m shopping online right now after christmas because the new season is approaching. and what that means is that the old stuff “which is not” a trend and has passed must and gotta go for new merchandise to be display or the main thing! 

I buy my leather and warm goods during summer! and during winter, I buy my spring and summer needs because it’s a certain amount off. it’s not a trend and a need!

I will be showing what I bought during out the seasons with the prices, to show you lovelies how to be chic & frugal with your money. Definitely will be having the time doing so!